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Baby judo ( < 6 ans) :
Pédagogie adaptée qui permet le développement physique et intellectuel des très jeunes pratiquants sous formes de jeux liés au judo. 

Les 6 - 10 ans :
Apprentissage du judo et des règles  essentielles de vie en communauté.

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Mise en pratique des acquis lors de randoris.

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actif  Sujet n° 260   On the rainy night

le 18/05/2019 @ 05:37
par ylq


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On the rainy night, the wind screamed out of the window, slamming the window from time to time. She curled up on the bed and wrapped herself tightly with the quilt. She was one in the big house. She couldn't sleep peacefully. Listening to the thunder, the rain, the wind outside the window, she was terrified. There is a voice saying: "What is your family's fear?" But she is inexplicably scared, this is a sense of loneliness. Under such fear, her brain whirls rapidly, thinking about it for a while, thinking about it for a while, and then driving her sleepiness away. She remembers the Andersen fairy tale "Little Match Girl" that I have seen since childhood. Like this, she is the little girl who sells matches Cigarettes Online. The little red hand was frozen, and a match was slammed. The faint flame was flashing in front of the eyes. She seemed to see Grandma's kind smile and saw her grandmother making pancakes for her. She was thinking about it Marlboro Lights. After a while, she wanted her child to adapt to it in school. After a while, she wanted her husband to do something. After a while, she thought about her parents. If a woman��s heart is under the sea, a woman who has become a family will have a heart that she can��t finish. } She couldn��t help but be restless. For a woman: "She hopes that when she is alone, as long as there is a person who is willing to be with her, it is enough." You don't have to do anything, so you can stay close to you and be sensible. It is not sensible to live to fifty or sixty years old; some people are very sensible when they are seven or eight years old. This makes people's differences a lot of helpless things, and every family has a difficult story Online Cigarettes. For material, for money, for feelings. It can be said that there is no perfect family in this world. There is no perfect person. Therefore, people are looking for perfection in an imperfect world. This is a painful and difficult journey. A person can be afraid of anything, and he is afraid that his heart does not belong. There is no direction to remember when I was at the stall, I bought a children's toy. One day, a little boy who was only eight or nine years old, came to the booth with a bag, and picked it up before the booth. Hey, pick up the cockroach again Newport 100S, and finally pick up a doll that can sing. Ask me, how much is this uncle? I saw his dress, untidy old clothes, and the cuffs were dirty and broken. The hair is also messy, the shoes are also very worn, and the shoelaces of one shoe are still broken. In my opinion, this little boy is very poor and it is estimated that his family is not good. I am afraid that he does not have the money to buy. I asked: "A male doll buys a doll?" The little boy said: "My sister will have a birthday tomorrow, she likes a doll." The girlfriend standing next to me opened: 38 yuan. The little boy took a moment from the bag and handed it to me. I roughly counted it. There are coins and a lot of money. The maximum denomination is 5 yuan. Together, it is 13 yuan. I looked at the little boy's eyes full of expectations, I said, just, you can take it away. My girlfriend hit me with a punch, are you stupid? I didn't say anything, only to see the little boy radiant and look happy Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I smiled with relief. Afterwards, my girlfriend asked me why I should do that? I said, I only figured out the love of the little boy. The girlfriend said, you are so good, why not just give it to him. I explained that what the little boy needs is self-esteem, not charity. I said that his money is just enough, which makes the little boy feel a great sense of accomplishment. That move made me win the heart of my girlfriend. This is not the case. For more than 20 years, my girlfriend has already become a wife who accompanied me. Ha ha! To make a metaphor, our marriage and family is like a car. When we are in love, we are learning the car. We learned the driver's license and got a marriage certificate. With a driver's license to drive, novice, it is not very skilled, just as the beginning of the wedding, familiar with the performance of the car in the exploration, this is the running-in period. We drove carefully, and we couldn't wait for other newcomers to crash. I can't help but make mistakes in my own operations. Therefore, check the car and maintenance car before driving. When the machine is finished, it will enter the proficient stage. Everything is accustomed to getting used to it, and the feelin
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