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Mardi :
17h15 à 18h30 (6/8 ans)
18h30 à 19h45 (8/10 ans)

18h00 à 19h00 +10 et adultes
19h05 à 20h15 Taïso (renforcement musculaire)

9h30 à 10h15 ( 4 - 5 ans)
10h15 à 11h15 (6 - 10 ans)
11h15 à 12h30 (+ 10 ans et adultes)

Baby judo ( < 6 ans) :
Pédagogie adaptée qui permet le développement physique et intellectuel des très jeunes pratiquants sous formes de jeux liés au judo. 

Les 6 - 10 ans :
Apprentissage du judo et des règles  essentielles de vie en communauté.

Les 10 ans et + :
Mise en pratique des acquis lors de randoris.

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I often hear people say: "Last night, I dreamt of you again..." After listening, I was very touched and the dream was very good. I rarely dream, even if I dream, it is strange, horrible, and even spring. Some people say: "Thinking at night, dreaming at night." Perhaps, in my inner world, it is a touch of people. The abyss that does not exist, does not bottom out, but longs for the light Wholesale Cigarettes. There was a story that said: A king killed an individual because he dreamed of rebelling in his dreams. It can be seen that there is a danger of losing his head in the dreams of others, and it is also the object of humiliation. When I was young, my days were sad. My father often told us about his dreams: he often dreams, his dreams are always good, nothing more than climbing a mountain, seeing a flat land, a pool of water flowing in the flat, and a few towering trees. A few fruitful fruit trees... Someone explained that the father is a red fruit, the older the more red. At that time, we were small. Every time we listened to our father��s dream, we were always excited. We believe that the hard days are endless. Now I think of it, when my father was tired all day, how to dream, how to be a dream is money, how to do the dream of idyllic painting, there is no elegance, no leisure. The four grandfather is the younger brother of my grandfather. My grandfather is a typical rural man. He repairs the bridge and makes up the road. He digs the plough, his hands and face are always heavy, and the four grandfathers have some imprints of intellectuals. It is sympathy and only envy of the four grandfathers. Four grandfather was admitted to the small town teacher before the land reform, but the good times did not last long. When he met the land reform, the family became the landlord. The village asked the four grandfathers to drop out of school in the village on the grounds of accounting. That is the most culture in the village. The literati, there are still a few literate people in the village, there are several people who can do accounting, and a small village of dozens of families, let a person with higher education to do accounting, it is overkill, the first four grandfather still have Complaints, I was educated by my grandfather. In those days, being able to use the landlord's children for accounting was a supreme glory. It was a kind of revolutionary trust. The work was not too bitter. After all, intellectuals were treated with preferential treatment, and the four grandfathers were adapted in a difficult and comfortable environment. Later, several people who were slightly literate in the village were trained to become teachers. Four grandfathers were unwilling in their hearts. The students of the high school of normal school were still accounting, and several people who were almost illiterate became trained after a few days of training Newport Cigarettes. A well-behaved teacher, is it worthy? What about the students who are taught? At that time, the four grandfather often dreamed, dreaming of teaching himself, and talking about history and literature. Because most of the four grandfather's classmates have become teachers, a large part of them are university teachers. The so-called dreaming is the wish without understanding, watching others realize, but in life, life is always accompanied by misfortunes, and after several trainings, they are considered teachers, and they are killed in the campaign, and there are people. Killed, including the four-grandfather's small town classmates. The family is smug and self-satisfied. I want to thank the people who are eager to call the four grandfathers back to be accountants. Otherwise, the four grandfathers and us have long been separated by yin and yang. Since then, the four grandfathers have never lived as a scholar, and they never dare to think proudly. I am still a scholar, or an intellectual. As we grow up, people who watch a little literate once again become teachers, eat yellow food, and dare not have envious heart. I know that he still likes to be a teacher. Every time he has spare time, he always tells us stories and history that he remembers in his mind. At that time, we didn't think so. It was only the story of the old man. Many years later, the university teacher mentioned that I realized that in the vagueness Cigarettes Online, Si Grandpa can and is a qualified teacher. Unfortunately, he does not have a student and we are not qualified Marlboro Red. He has no library, only endless sufferings and nightmares don't live in my dreams, perhaps influenced by his father's dreams, I am str

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