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replique rolex montres  -  par ceicrip

June 17, 2016, FIYTA together brand ambassador Louis Koo, in Nanning, Guangxi for the Fiyta 'time stamp' India series of theme tour unveiling ceremony and India series of new conference. On the day of the event, deep in everyone's impression of the fascinating Gu Tianle attracted thousands of fans for the stop, witness FIYTA printed series released; Fiyta for the presence of consumers and many media friends presented a retro Fashion and beauty with a visual feast. Retro classic fashion simple activities on-site, Fiyta Group Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager and Fiyta brand general manager Mr. Pan Bo, Fei Yada Sales Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Pu Xiang, Fiyta Sales Co., Ltd. Nanning Branch Manager Mr. Li Shuang, Nanning Department Store leadership and Fiyta brand spokesperson Louis Koo together for Fiyta India series new watch unveiling. Mr. Pan Bo said: 'retro design concept and craftsmanship vividly presented in every Fiyta Indian series on the watch today we released this watch, using the classic ivory white dial appears clean and neat, Shaped silver nail time scale and fine line is also very good implementation of this series of light retro impression. 'Love the machine Louis Koo also expressed the love of Fiyta brand new Indian watch:' This is a simple The atmosphere of the mechanical watch, retro and yet stylish, suitable for wearing on different occasions, with different dress styles, I personally very much. 'Live show, models through the catwalk vividly presents the new Indian series of watch design features. Large black hands and steel blue second hand, filling the design contains the classic style. Lug shape inspired by the elements of retro cycling chain, the whole polishing treatment, enhance the watch light and elegant temperament, mellow shape is not only the full affinity, paste the wrist design also allows the wearer wear comfortable experience. Time stamp theme tour In 2015 the limit series theme tour, from 1400 G4 lamp beads to create a 'light car' to a high standard of display design, and the use of multimedia, caused a warm response. This year, Fiyta will be held in 8 major cities in the country to 'mark the time' as the theme of the series to carry out the Indian tour. Inspired by the cycling design, the tour will create a retro fashion sense, while cleverly integrated into the technology beauty, not only demonstrates the light retro fashion concept, but also convey the Indian series of simple and neat young impression. Fiyta will be 'retro cycling' to the site of each tour. Activities in Nanning, Louis Koo is also wearing a series of Indian watches participated in the first stop of the interactive tour, hand-to-hand interpretation of the concept of retro fashion. During the exhibition, you are welcome to participate in on-site interactive activities, the best-performing consumers can also be provided by the Fiyta exquisite gifts. Fiyta to enjoy all the time for you Over the years, Fiyta for the Chinese astronauts to provide ground training and the implementation of tasks replique breitling with the table, with the astronauts witness the feat of space exploration; to 'limit series' hand in hand from China's motorcycle team , In the South American continent expedition ultimate rally. In addition, Audemars Piguet replique Fiyta has for the Asian Winter Games, Asian sailing championships and other international sports events to provide timing equipment. For six consecutive years, Fiyta stationed in Switzerland, Basel Watch Fair Hall 1 - International Brand Museum, as the museum's first from China's international watch brand, blooming splendor. Fiyta has always believed that the real beauty comes from the accumulation of time, watch not only record time, but also record everyone, whether it is elegant forward, or actively explore and enjoy the time to give you everything. Promotional information: now until June 23, Nanning Department Store FIYTA counters with sun 'table' love activities: you just go to FIYTA counter try Fiyta watches and take pictures sent to the circle of friends, set like 20 More than one can get a beautiful gift; sweep into the store sweep, purchase the Cartier replica table can enjoy the discount off. Each over 1,000 yuan by 20 yuan, up to 60 yuan. Purchase a full set of more than 1999 yuan a set of nail set (a total of 300 sets); purchase of at least 2999 yuan to send the table at the end of the event, more 'full gift activities': any purchase of a multi-function knife to send a table (a total of 500) Umbrella one (total of 150); a limited number, while stocks last. Watch Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement Case: stainless steel Watch: anti-glare sapphire glass Dial: Ivory white h
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