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Bo Laishi launched two new Vintage BR Aéronavale watch  -  par huoermos

Since the inception of the brand, Bo Laishi has been passionate about military history and values. As far as possible the pursuit of excellence in the process, regardless of design or technology, Rolex replica aviation instruments have become the main source of inspiration for Bo Lai Shi, which is able to meet the Palladium watch and professional users of watches and clocks, functional and ergonomic needs The reason. The new Vintage BR Aéronavale watch, inspired by the uniform of the Naval Air Force officer, symbolizes military excellence and tradition. In the cockpit of a gusty fighter, a naval airman pilot was dressed in uniform, both practical and comfortable. At official ceremonies, changes in clothing show the prestige of the army. Blue reminiscent of the sea, and gold badges, buttons and decorations to convey a stable, noble and Replica Watches victory of the faith. Blue gold combination also appears in VintageBRA éronavale watch, the new watch decorated with all the symbols and patterns on the naval uniform. Bo Laishi VintageBRAéronavale series for the addition of two new models: chronograph (BR126) and small three-pin watch (BR123). 43 mm polished steel case retro and chic, navy blue sun pattern dial and hollow gold-plated hours when the needle in sharp contrast, at a glance, distinguish clear. VintageBRAéronavale Chronograph designed for the pilot to build, functional and elegant integration. This watch is equipped with a blue anodized aluminum rolex replica bezel, bezel decorated with 60-minute scale, the disk 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position each set a time-lap pattern. The watch should be curved sapphire crystal, highlighting the classic style and strong personality table. Equipped with reliability and precision known Swiss-made automatic winding movement, through the end of the sapphire crystal table, showing the precise operation of the movement. Both have a matte blue calfskin strap (light yellow suture) or dark blue crocodile skin bottom (blue suture), and with a pin clasp. Figure / text watch the home.
Publié le 02/12/2016 @ 08:16  
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