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Xi Kadan Watch Brand  -  par adneu

Xi Kadan table in 1898 by the (Edwan.Felix) Edwin Felix in 'clockwork' was founded in Basel, Switzerland. Young Edwin Felix create a classic sound with the faith, began his long career in watchmaking. Very professionalism Edwin Felix led the watchmaker who carried audio device for timepiece, craftsmen replica rolex watches have inspired its electro-optical flint-like dynamic witness every detail, so that time becomes more personal style. Vision of the future, time has become an eternal pursuit of the cause. Taste, years of experience beauty. Xi Kadan brand logo ── time funnel, funnel implication is to remind us: time is very valuable, in our time is always inadvertently quietly flowing, we should cherish the time, so that every minute flies valuable, Significant. Understanding the value of life in the flow Cheap Breitling Watches of time, the interpretation of the art of time. Product Positioning: rugged, accurate and reliable, comfortable to wear, beautiful and practical core group: 25-45 years old (intellectual, personality, zest for life and pay attention to treat their consumer groups) development process: Founded in 1898 in Basel, Switzerland; 1913 the Observatory has made the first game; 1922 to invent new systems and set-up time on the strip method; in 1953 the son of Edwin Felix Egbert.Felix (. Edwin Aigebote) joined the company as a company injected a powerful new blood; 1962 Egbert.Felix took over the family business reputation malpractice, and reorganized as a limited company, this time, Xi Kadan table still continue to win awards, showing its replica breitling orologi Shen Yun endless technical strength; 1978, Xi Kadan table in Greece achieved a Grand prix honorary award; in 1983, the same as the Observatory presented awards to two more Xika Dan chronometer, which is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, 'Xi Kadan' time funnel logo also in international humming deeply imprinted in the minds of customers; in 2001, companies in Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and other places to develop their business in a big way, these areas became Sika Dan market table; 2009, Xi Kadan formally enter the Chinese market, the Chinese well-known watch trading company in Guangzhou Jiamai Watch proxy all its business in mainland China. Potential cultural heritage collection of Swiss watches in China, the interpretation of the real art of time.
Publié le 12/11/2016 @ 07:32  
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